Monday, December 6, 2010

LootWorks Inc.

A new company is born!

I've been working with some amazing folks, and have recently founded a new company. I am proud to introduce LootWorks Inc. to the world.
We've been in stealth mode for a while, and our first title is well underway and looking great. If you like swords, you'll love this new game. :)

More information soon!

Fantasy and Swords at Amazon

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Monday, May 10, 2010

RIP Frank Frazzetta

Oh dear. Another legend leaves us...

Goodbye Frank.

Frank Frazzetta 1928-2010

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Templar Publishing picks up SWORDS in the UK!

Templar Publishing will be printing SWORDS in the UK!


Candlewick Press will handle North America, but now I'm going overseas, to the lovely United Kingdom! :)

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Update on my second book

Well, the development cycle for my second book is starting to wind up to a finish! I recently submitted some rough text and most of the artwork to Candlewick Press. My final deadline is in September, and then the book enters the final stages of production before it ships (in the Fall of 2010).

Swords was merely a warm-up... I really got into the groove for book 2, so I hope people will enjoy this lark of fantasy that I have cooked up. It's something akin to an escapist's handbook; full of treasure, far away places, monsters and adventure. For the daydreamers of the world. :)

I can't wait to share it.

Summary of reviews and awards

I figured it's time for a little recap of some notable reviews and awards for my debut effort - Swords: An Artist's Devotion

Here is a nice little summation from the Candlewick Press website:

Swords Swords

author/illustrator: Ben Boos

An Artist's Devotion

1. Cybils Awards Shortlist
2. Children's Choice Book Award Finalist
3. ALA (American Library Association) Quick Picks for Reluctant YA Readers
4. Parents' Choice Awards Recommended
Kirkus Reviews
"Every nick, notch, decorative motif and gleaming highlight rendered in lovingly realistic detail."
Journal Inquirer
"Exquisitely detailed and realistic illustrations."
Raleigh News and Observer
Raleigh, NC circ=205,000
"Even if swords aren't your thing, they'll wow you in this book."
School Library Journal
"Boos's treatment of his subject is reverential and his artwork is incredible variety of styles, from hilts to blades to the intricate metalwork that makes each sword not just a weapon but also a work of art. It's easy to get caught up in his enthusiasm, and the right reader will spend hours poring over every loving detail. Give this to fans of history, art, or swordplay fantasies."
New York Times Book Review, The
"Exemplars of the smithy's art are depicted close to life-size, from blades hardy folk used against 'bandits and beasts' to imperial weapons thought to have had latent spirits of their own."
"This beautifully illustrated book gives concise descriptions on the history of swords, including usage and cultures...of special interest are the artistic elements of each culture's swords...detailed drawings for many of the swords show the inner workings of sword anatomy, one of the book's highlights."
Library Media Connection
"Laden with lavish visuals and minimal text. This volume is not an in-depth study of the history of swords or warfare, but a visual orgy of beautiful well-wrought swords used throughout the ages by various cultures."
Syndicated Column
"A lavishly illustrated homage"
Newton's Book News
"Illustrates the most amazing and historical swords giving you a glimpse of history through the intricate and ornate carvings and the huge variety of sword shapes throughout the centuries."
Newton's Book News
"Oversized book filled with a most unique way to learn history - through the many varied types of swords used throughout the ages. Mr. Boos has rendered the most remarkable assortment of swords which depict many different eras."
PlanetEsme (blog)
"The detail of the artwork is so textural and vivid, you can almost hear the metallic ringing of a blade pull out of the sheath, and almost feel the carefully adorned indentations, cool beneath your fingers. One of the most beautiful nonfiction books of the year."
BookKids Blog
BookKids Blog
"In what is sure to be a big hit, Swords: An Artist's Devotion presents a loving ode to the history of swordscraft and swordsmanship. The illustrations and diagrams are gorgeous, the tiny tidbits of trivia and obscure vocabulary lessons are detailed enough for the most avid fan, and the history is fascinating enough for a layman. Dipping into sword-wielding traditions through history, from those of the ninja and samurai to those of war maidens and knights of errantry, Ben Boos has created a gloriously crafted wonderland for sword enthusiasts and novices alike."
Science Fiction and Fantasy Advance Magazine Supplement
Science Fiction and Fantasy Advance Magazine Supplement
"A true devotee of swords, Ben Boos passionately brings the history of this noble weapon and its skillful masters to life, offering lavish background details and exquisite, full-color spreads illuminating swords in all their shining glory."
-------- (Diablo 3 website)
08/15/2008 (Diablo 3 website)
"Calling the book lavishly illustrated doesn't do it justice...every page in the book is a visual delight...even the pages that serve up historical information are eye candy, while the pages of pure art are poster-worthy."
Guyslitwire Blog
"The dozens of almost absurdly detailed sword illustrations (along with tons of sketches) are the star of the show here, but Boos adds a bunch of cool historical details, too."
Chivalry Today
Chivalry Today
Podcast featuring interview on Chivalry Today (episode #26),
Curled Up With A Good Kids' Book (blog)
Boos has created a stunning book visually showcasing the history and importance of one of the oldest and most respected weapons in the world.
Carol's Corner (blog)
"Not in any way, shape, or form violent...Some of the most incredibly detailed artwork I have ever seen in a children's book...I could see using this book to engage kids in books- it sure caught my boys' attention last night!"
Aptos Times
(CIRC. 15,000)
"A celebration of swords and swordsmen, this fascinating volume spans the ages."
Boys Read
"Looking for an awesome nonfiction book for a reluctant reader?...This is the coolest nonfiction book I've ever read. Swords is nothing less than a work of art."