Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Update on my second book

Well, the development cycle for my second book is starting to wind up to a finish! I recently submitted some rough text and most of the artwork to Candlewick Press. My final deadline is in September, and then the book enters the final stages of production before it ships (in the Fall of 2010).

Swords was merely a warm-up... I really got into the groove for book 2, so I hope people will enjoy this lark of fantasy that I have cooked up. It's something akin to an escapist's handbook; full of treasure, far away places, monsters and adventure. For the daydreamers of the world. :)

I can't wait to share it.


xav said...

My son (age 10) absolutely loves your Swords book. He pores over it, analysing each weapon, and has memorised most of the text word for word. He tells me that he thinks you are "an awesome artist" because of all the details you include. I know he will absolutely love your next book and I look forward to getting it for him.

George said...

Woah, A NEW SWORDS BOOK BY BENJAMIN BOOS????? I think I will have a heart attack. I am a huge fan. I have wanted to be able to both draw swords and own my own specially designed ones. I am 12, and I try to draw Swords Inspired by your first book. I got the swords book for a birthday, and I spent hours just looking at the swords, reading descriptions and pictures. I am REALLY looking forward to the next book!