Sunday, August 24, 2008

Swords Review

I am getting some feedback on the book, and it makes my heart jump in my chest! I am so nervous and excited, it's bizarre. My hands get tingly, and I get a rush of adrenaline just thinking about it! This is my version of cool-headed professionalism - on the outside, I'm calm enough, but in my head, I'm running around in circles waving my arms.

My wife Norma found this review for Swords today, while browsing Barnes and Noble online:

Kirkus Review

Thursday, August 14, 2008

SWORDS Give-away!

The Diablo fansite is holding a SWORDS contest! We'll be giving away four signed (and doodled-in) copies of my book. I also answered a few questions for Flux, a writer and contributor to

Check out the contest and interview at:

This is really cool! I love for one, and I am humbled and honored to give away copies of SWORDS to the mighty army of Blizzard fans. :)

Monday, August 11, 2008

Runic Games Inc.

My Friend Max Schaefer, one of the founders of Blizzard North has launched a new game development studio, called Runic Games Inc.

Way to go! All the best to runic games!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Little Emily walking

My nine month old daughter Emily is walking all around today. She commonly lets go of whatever she's holding and goes trucking out into open territory. My wife and I keep holding our breath every time she does this.

I sometimes have to barricade my office doors so she wont come tottering in, but she calls me "Dadadadadadad DADADADADA!" She has her subtle ways to let me know she's there. Bang! Bang! "DA DA!!"

Most of the time I leave my office door open, so she can come in and get chair rides (I push her around in a rolling chair). Pulling all the books off my shelves is also a favorite pastime, or tottering to my leg and saying "DA-DA Brd," while pointing to the sky -- She likes it when I make her fly like a bird..... zoooooom swooooosh! Okay, what was I painting again? Back to work!

SWORDS in Candlewick's catalog

Candlewick just posted their new catalog for Fall 2008, and SWORDS is listed right up front! They also show the retail display for the book. For this display, they use my Landsknecht character (A hulking Bavarian mercenary with a huge sword). I think it looks cool!

doodling in a book

I'm feeling the heat of the impending book launch! 34 days left. Ack!

I spent a few extra late nights signing some books for some Candlewick VIPs, which was fun. I actually did a doodle in each copy, which took some nerve. I can't make a mistake and I have no undo button, and my left-handedness makes signing a challenge EVERY time. I write with a crazy south paw, all wrapped around in a funny way - so keeping that ink from smearing was touchy. I finished the books, and had to wipe my brow. It was a tense undertaking. But, I made it with no huge screw-ups!

Then I had some book-plates to sign (nicely printed little stickers that could allow my signature to be stuck in a book). 60 of them arrived from my publisher, again for VIP accounts. I was feeling some moxy by this point, so I started doodling on the stickers. Dawn found me finishing them up, an individual bit of artwork on each one. Naturally, I smeared the VERY last one. DOH!

On an interesting aside, I also signed four copies of SWORDS that I'll be giving away in an upcoming contest. There is also another contest I hope to talk about before too long. Gulp... this time, I find out, I am the one getting judged! More details soon.