Wednesday, August 6, 2008

doodling in a book

I'm feeling the heat of the impending book launch! 34 days left. Ack!

I spent a few extra late nights signing some books for some Candlewick VIPs, which was fun. I actually did a doodle in each copy, which took some nerve. I can't make a mistake and I have no undo button, and my left-handedness makes signing a challenge EVERY time. I write with a crazy south paw, all wrapped around in a funny way - so keeping that ink from smearing was touchy. I finished the books, and had to wipe my brow. It was a tense undertaking. But, I made it with no huge screw-ups!

Then I had some book-plates to sign (nicely printed little stickers that could allow my signature to be stuck in a book). 60 of them arrived from my publisher, again for VIP accounts. I was feeling some moxy by this point, so I started doodling on the stickers. Dawn found me finishing them up, an individual bit of artwork on each one. Naturally, I smeared the VERY last one. DOH!

On an interesting aside, I also signed four copies of SWORDS that I'll be giving away in an upcoming contest. There is also another contest I hope to talk about before too long. Gulp... this time, I find out, I am the one getting judged! More details soon.

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