Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Little Emily walking

My nine month old daughter Emily is walking all around today. She commonly lets go of whatever she's holding and goes trucking out into open territory. My wife and I keep holding our breath every time she does this.

I sometimes have to barricade my office doors so she wont come tottering in, but she calls me "Dadadadadadad DADADADADA!" She has her subtle ways to let me know she's there. Bang! Bang! "DA DA!!"

Most of the time I leave my office door open, so she can come in and get chair rides (I push her around in a rolling chair). Pulling all the books off my shelves is also a favorite pastime, or tottering to my leg and saying "DA-DA Brd," while pointing to the sky -- She likes it when I make her fly like a bird..... zoooooom swooooosh! Okay, what was I painting again? Back to work!

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