Wednesday, October 22, 2008

FuseNews commentary on Swords.

Elizabeth Bird, a writer for a blog called Fusenews (which I found at the School Library Journal website) has taken notice of my book. She is a librarian, so I am won over already, but she really had some exciting commentary about the buzz behind the book.

Here is a link:
(scroll down several paragraphs for the Swords part)

By the way, I recently took part in a benefit for my local Library, and I was particularly touched at the excitement of the Librarians. They work tirelessly to attract youngsters to books, and I feel pleased as punch that my book is assisting their efforts.

The Cybils Nominations for 2008

Swords has been nominated for the Cybils for 2008. This is the Children's and Young Adult Blogger's Literary Awards. Go Bloggers! :)

Here is a list of the Nominees:

Primitive Point

I have always been inspired by artisan workmanship, especially when it comes to metal-smithing. I love to look at every notch, nick and tool-mark of a hand-made craft. When I paint swords and weapons, I muse about the actual process and labor involved in working steel, brass, wood, horn and leather. The discipline, patience and devotion must be something special for these metal-workers, because they deal with so many tricky variables that I only pretend at in my paintings. Therefore, it's pretty obvious that I would be thrilled to find a real weapon-smith recommending my book. I am honored!

My hat is off to you metal-workers and craftsmen out there!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Amazon Omnivoracious Interview

Paul Hughes, a professional writer for the Editor's Blog (Omnivoracious), had a chance to ask me a few questions. I was of course, delighted to answer. By the way, Paul is a writer for Wizards of the Coast, so I was the one who wanted to ask questions. :)

Here is the link to the interview:

Thank you so much Paul!!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Family Fun Magazine and more

Sweet news, this! My friend and mentor, Penny Warner sent me word that Swords has been featured in Family Fun magazine. I haven't seen it yet, but I'm anxious to check it out. It's the Halloween Issue, so that's extra cool.

On another front, I've been invited to a local Renaissance Faire. I'll be signing and chatting with people at two times in the day, at two locations. It sounds like a blast!

Date of Event: Sunday, October 19th


11:00 AM

Folsom Renaissance Faire
At Natoma and Stafford Streets (403 Stafford Street)
Folsom, CA 95630

1:00 PM

Folsom Public Library
411 Stafford Street
Folsom, California 95630

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

School Library Journal reviews Swords

Swords has been positively reviewed in the School Library Journal! :)

It's a long list of book reviews, but the review for Swords is in there if you scroll down a bit.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

NCIBA book signing event

What a weekend! I just got back into town after going to the NCIBA (Northern California Independent Booksellers Association) convention in Oakland. I met up with Bob Ditter, the Nor Cal rep for Candlewick Press, and we had a really nice time. Bob is a fantastic guy, and I am so glad he was there! I owe Bob many thanks for all that he has done on my behalf. He seriously helped me out and kept me entertained with amazing stories, to boot.

When I actually got to the moment of signing, I realized that I hadn't eaten all day, and I was sort of light-headed from all the excitement. Thankfully, everyone that I met was super nice, and I got a lot of interesting feedback about the book. I only hope that I didn't seem too scatter-brained! I signed a few books with the wrong date, I was so overwhelmed, but I finally got in a groove. The rest was a colorful blur of people and signing and chatting, and before I knew it, the event was over.

I had a really good time, and I learned so much, and met so many nice people. Whew! This was an event to remember. How often do you sit chatting in a hotel bar, next to the Harry Potter rep, while noticing the likes of Neil Gaiman in your midst. Sheesh.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

An interesting blog mention

I noticed another interesting mention of Swords, in the Kids Lit Blog for the Menasha Library.

What a charming description of the book!

Sci-Fi Overdrive Show is up!

I've added the link to my interview with Dave Durica of Sci-Fi Overdrive. :)

It's linked at the bottom of this blog entry:

NCIBA signing event

The Northern California Independent Booksellers Association is putting on an event for people in the book industry this Oct 3-5, and I've been invited to attend. I'm looking forward to this, and the event is almost upon me! It's a gathering of industry people only, I've been told, so I feel honored to get this chance to peek behind the curtain of the book business.

I'm attending on Saturday (Oct. 4th), and I'll be doing a signing in a ballroom full of 150 or so booksellers. I believe there will be around 20 other authors there that evening, so I'm obviously looking forward to meeting them as well. More on this event later!