Wednesday, May 28, 2008

SWORDS: An Artist's Devotion

Here is some information about SWORDS: An Artist's Devotion.

"Swords" is a 96 page hardback book, published by Candlewick Press. It is suitable for ages 9 and up. Kids almost always love swords, but some of us never outgrow the fascination for this incredible weapon, so this is perfect material for adults. ;)

The densly illustrated book is about Knights, Kings, War Maidens, Ninja, Samurai, Eastern Masters, War Chiefs, and much more.

On sale date: September 9th 2008.

Soon, I'll follow up with the background story of how this book came about - In other words, I'll talk about how I left Blizzard North, found my Agent, and wound up being published by Candlewick Press. It has been an incredible adventure!

Starting a Blog...

Here goes! I am starting my first blog. I spent the last three years working quietly, but I'd like to start keeping a record of my thoughts while I work on my second book.

Right now, I'm getting ready to fly to L.A., to go the BEA (the Book Expo America). I can't wait! I'll be meeting my Agent, Editor, and the other good people of Candlewick Press, and then I will be signing demo copies of my first book - Swords: An Artist's Devotion.

These next months are going to be so exciting as I await D-day --- That's when the book will hit the shelves. By the way, that'll be on Sept. 9th, 2008. OMG, it's nearly here, after such a long wait. :)