Friday, September 26, 2008

Sci-Fi Overdrive! and Swords

Dave Durica, of Sci-Fi Overdrive (a talk show about Sci-Fi and more) kindly interviewed me over the phone this week. I've never done a phone interview, so that was really a nervous moment for me. Thank you Dave, for making the experience so pleasant. I only hope I didn't come across as too scattered! When the interview was over, I said to myself - "What did I just say?" Yikes. It went by like a blur!

UPDATE: Here is the link to the show!

Sci-Fi Overdrive interview with Ben Boos (skip to the half-way point to hear my interview).


Sleeping WIth Stew said...

Hey Ben you sounded fine I was listening on AM 1230 WJOB in Hammond, IN. The book looks awesome I cannot wait to check it out. It is so cool when artists are allowed the creative freedom to release that inner magic.

Ben Boos said...

Thank you Stew! That phone call was entirely unscripted and improvised on the spot, so I was really nervous!