Wednesday, September 24, 2008


There were many mid-wives involved in the project's emergence into the world, and I'm really thankful for all that help. I was really blessed to have had such people behind me. My family stood by me through the entire development, never faltering in their brave mission to support me. My three children and my lovely wife were amazing! And Thanks Mom and Dad for the indispensable help. Thanks also to my sister Jeannie for all the cheer-leading. My thanks also to Norma's (my wife's) folks and family... in fact, thanks to all those who offered such incredible support and help as I spent the thousands and thousands of hours obsessing over the book.

I really had so much kind help! I want to thank John Kubasco and Kim Taehoon for helping me with some of the pre-production work, early on in the project. Their digital art skills were really helpful to me as I got this project going.

Thanks to Penny Warner for encouraging me forward when I was first getting ideas about creating a book. I want to thank my mentors and my peers from the video game days, for teaching me so generously. I am thankful for Dave Brevik, and his brainchild - the Diablo series of games, and I'm grateful to have played my humble role working for Blizzard North. Michio Okamura, thank you for the sword you gave me!

Here's a big one: I owe the world to my agent, Rosemary Stimola. She was unbelievable. As for Candlewick... What can I say? Those people are great! The best. Thank you Elizabeth Bicknell, James Weinberg, Katie Cunningham, Brittany Duncan, Laura Rivas, Karen Lotz, and all the other fine people of Candlewick.

This list is incomplete, but I mean it when I say: To everyone that was involved - My heartfelt thanks for all the support and help!

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