Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Errata in SWORDS

Ninja Chapter:

Oh no!
I found an error in the demo version of my book while at the BEA. This slip-up will have to be corrected for the second batch of books, since it's too late to change anything for the first print run.

My blunder is regarding the squeaky floors of the Samurai - used to detect sneaky intruders. Instead of properly listing this as a nightingale floor, I have hummingbird floor in its place! I think hummingbird got confused with hanami bird in my scribbled notes. Hanami bird, by the way, is another description of the Japanese Warbler, also known as the nightingale.

So, if you find yourself looking at a "Hummingbird" version of the book, you know you have the special, funky first edition.

Good grief!

Raiders Chapter:

I have a caption about the strange rage that was said to overcome some warriors. It was called the "warp spasm," yet somehow, in my book, I see it listed as "war spasm." I need to investigate this slip.

I will update this spot, as new mistakes come to light.

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Annie said...

the book was awesome!!!!!