Saturday, July 5, 2008

Ducati Days

I miss the old days of working in the bay area some times, roaring around on motorcycles everywhere. I used to zoom up the peninsula on my trusty Ducati Monster 900, and that was a blast. Going to the shop and customizing old yeller was always a treat, too... carbon fiber Italian pipes, braided-steel brake cables, steering stabilizer, little grip mirrors, drag-racing handlebars, special fly-wheel... That was my baby for a long time. Actually, I still have it, but I just don't ride it much (read "at all"). Life just got busy, and I work from my home studio, so the whole commute thing disappeared. But I miss those days of buzzing up skyline road with my mates.

I put around 30,000 miles on that bike. What a great ride, too. It never, ever broke down. That Italian engine just sang its syncopated roaring song, mile after mile.

Ah, my trusty old yellow duc. Well, now it's my dusty old yellow duc.

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