Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Michio's Sword

Once upon a time, when I parted company with some very dear friends, I had a special encounter with a man named Michio Okamura. As I headed for the door, he stopped me. He was like a brother to me after our long years of working in the trenches under duress, and my heart was heavy with my leaving. In a generous and knightly way, Michio plucked his beautiful prized sword off of the office wall, and gifted it to me on the spot. He gave me words of wisdom, and wished me well on my journey. He knew it would be an arduous way ahead, and he was right. Yet his faith in me was pure gold.

Truth be told, at that moment, I did not yet know what book I would be creating yet at all. I only knew I wanted to write and illustrate. I felt a strong drive to agitate toward my goal, even though I was leaping without a clear plan. Michio's kind words and magnificent gesture left me ringing like a bell. His sword-gift became something emblematic with my jump to pursue a dream.

I felt like a hero on a journey, given a sword to keep me well on my path. I'll admit, I embraced this notion, and it served me well.

At first I banged my head on several false-starts and dead-ends - and in a moment of sadness and frustration I later wound up contemplating Michio's sword. An idea grabbed ahold of my brain! One gesture to the next, I began to sketch and then paint, and SWORDS the book was born.

I will always be grateful to Michio for his act kindness. Never underestimate the power of a kind deed and what it might cultivate in the hearts of others.

Afterthought -
Michio (the original creator of the DIABLO character design), is now hard at work at his awesome new company L5 Games -still bringing dreams to life and inspiring others to do the same.

I salute you brother!

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