Saturday, July 12, 2008

Old world style

My son was recently reading a graphic novel called Mouse Guard (by David Petersen), and I thought I’d flip through it for kicks. It’s a fun book, and I was pleased with what I saw. I liked the premise, which really played to my “kid at heart” mentality. This is like “The Mouse and the motorcycle” on steroids. Mice with Swords, neat!

When I got to the end, I found a few extra illustrations that were contributed by friends of the author. One in particular caught my eye… it had beautiful line-work that just somehow struck a chord with me (I’m a true fan of old world illustration and pen & ink work). This picture seemed very evocative of that old style that I enjoy. It turns out that the artist is a man named Jeremy Bastian.

I looked him up online, and was impressed with his work. We chatted a bit via email, and he gave me a sneak peek at some new work. Wow.
Love that pen and ink!

Check out his Cursed Pirate Girl stuff -

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